What you can do

Participate in the Task Force

The Task Force is engaging Canadians on key questions related to the legalization, regulation and restriction of access to marijuana.

This is an opportunity to provide your input for a period of 60 days, between June 30 and August 29, 2016.

How to participate

You can provide your input by completing the online consultation. The consultation is in the form of a discussion paper that’s split into 5 sections covering different topics. Each of the 5 sections has a questionnaire at the end to record your input. You may:

  • fill out any or all of the questionnaires while the consultation is open, and/or
  • choose to attach a document (such as a proposal or scientific paper) to any of the questionnaires

Each topic is presented in a separate section so you can provide input to the topics that interest you. However, you will be asked to provide some of the same information (e.g., province in which you live) at the beginning of each section.

If you prefer, you can read the full discussion paper and provide input later.

You can also provide your input by sending us: