“Toronto vows to crack down on medical marijuana dispensaries
Storefront shops ‘not what the federal government envisioned,’ city official says” – Toronto Star, May 2nd 2016

In Toronto and across Canada, the cannabis policy climate is changing at a rapid speed. Most recently, the City of Toronto is looking at enforcing the By-Law 405-2014 to further restrict dispensaries from opening locally. Ontario Bills 45 / 178 compound the regulatory threat to cannabis friendly businesses and their customers. This is tantamount to a licensing driven shut down of all cannabis businesses.

It is important now more than ever that cannabis business come together to call for a progressive regulated licensing system, such as those coming into action in the City of Victoria. By allowing government officials to enact guidelines without consulting with those on the front lines, Toronto dispensaries and canna-businesses will face the same issues (unjust fines, closures and a loss of access for consumers) as those in Vancouver.

The Cannabis Friendly Business Association would like to welcome all Ontario cannabis business owners and stakeholders to discuss further steps towards negotiations with municipalities. Media relations and lobbying language is key to our success.

In the months past, the CFBA has met with city officials, Federal and Provincial Members of Parliament, and other advisors regarding cannabis policy and legislation. To keep moving forward, we require your voices and support on all levels.

Join us!

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