Canadian Cannabis Businesses Countdown to Legalization


[Toronto, ON] (March 27th, 2017) – The Cannabis Friendly Business Association urges provinces across Canada to consider the private storefront model as legalization draws closer. While cannabis businesses across Canada are celebrating legalization drawing nearer, many have faced an an increased pressure from ongoing raids.

While it’s encouraging that legalization is nearing, the crackdown on dispensaries has been alarming for cannabis businesses and consumers. Instead of enforcement we should focus on crafting regulations which include small and medium size businesses”, stated CFBA Spokesperson Lisa Campbell.

Ultimately it will be up to the provinces to determine how legalization rolls out, including distribution, pricing and age restrictions. The CFBA urges provincial governments to encourage a private storefront model, as endorsed by the Ontario Chamber of Commerce in 2015. Before the raids, CFBA polls found that over 75% of Torontonians supported medical marijuana dispensaries. Additionally, the federal government’s Task Force on Cannabis Legalization and Regulation has recommended against co-location of alcohol and tobacco.

CFBA Director Abi Roach urges Canada to work with the industry and consumers instead of criminalizing them: “Canada has to get legalization right the first time around. The public has repeatedly shown wide support for the independent storefronts and lounges, over a government monopoly. Failure to properly regulate cannabis will only reinforce the black market.

The Cannabis Friendly Business Association is an organization of cannabis business professionals in Canada that are committed to inclusion in the future legal recreational market.

Media Contact:
Lisa Campbell

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Abi Roach, CFBA Director


On Tuesday April 4th the CFBA will have a meeting themed ‘Preparing for Legalization’. Please refer to the page linked below for more information.